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oo1 ;; Eyes of the Game [13 Feb 2008|11:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Considering it's been a while since I last updated, much less showed my face around here. I guess I'll just start from the very beginning.

The names Matt Hardy, as I'm sure you all already know, or perhaps you'll know me better by the famous nickname Shelly seems to enjoy using. (Something I'll discuss later on within this post.) Whatever the case may be, I'll usually answer to nearly anything. Though there are limits.

Meh. I'm starting to get off track here. Moving on.

I'm still living within the grand old state of North Carolina, a place that I don't rightly think I'll ever leave. There's far to much history here, both of the good and bad side of viewing. And yet, on both ends there's quite a few memories I'd rather not watch slip from my fingers, just because I desire a new house. It's amazing to think about. When I was a kid, the last place that I wanted to live when I grew up was in Cameron. Here we are year's later, and I can't really see living anywhere else. Just a home-boy at heart, one could say.

Speaking of which, can I just stop and say how being on the shelf for the time being is enough to drive you crazy? I did enjoy the time off around the holidays, though. Gave me a better chance to plan out the Great Christmas Bash, with a lot more detail included. (So much, that if it weren't for the pictures and video's taking of the event, I could never even begin to tell you who was all there. Just remember that it started out with the core group and ended up with five times as many people passed out within the living room.) I'd like to think this was one that went down within the memory books as the best one yet, greatly due to how things were planned out. Heh. Though, something tells me that the debut of the karaoke machine had something to do with it. (I need to invest in getting one of those things. And sometime soon.)

After the CB, it was time for Shane's party. Yet another event that needs to be relived sometime soon. Rather sounds like alls we do is party, doesn't it?

As much as I enjoy the parties though, I'm really looking forward to getting back into the ring. There's no clear return date for me just yet. The doctors are waiting to see if I'll ever be 100%, despite the fact that my body seems to think that getting to be at that point is the absolute worst thing for it. Currently, I'm back on anti-biotics again. Nothing major, fought a bout of the flu last week. Just trying to finish off the rest of the prescription. With some luck, my body will end the rebellion and just give in to the demand. Until it does; I've been back in the gym for a while now. Figured it couldn't do much harm, right?

I mentioned above about Shelly's little nickname for me. It's fatty lardy, or something along those terms. At first glance/having heard the name I was offended. After thinking about it, eh, started to figure the girl was right. For the past, I don't know... five, six months? I've been on a diet. One that I'm actually pretty pleased to say that I've stuck with. Don't think I've lost to much weight due to it, but I'm feeling better because of it. Right now, that's really all I can ask for.

Seeing that I'm on the subject. There's a project that I'm working on right now. Does anyone out there know how to bake?

Hmm. It's been a few months now since Shan and Oz have moved in. (Which does wonders for my diet, heh.) And I couldn't be happier about the decision, well except when he starts talking about bringing his son home. That and the freaking carrot cake. But that's another story, for a different day.

Right now, it's getting late and I still have to do a few things before heading to bed. The numbers still the same, feel free to abuse it.

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oo3 ;; [14 Jan 2008|02:16pm]
[ mood | crappy ]


I can't seem to win, with anything anymore.

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oo2 ;; [14 Jan 2008|02:11pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]


Isolation can only go so far, huh?

This past month, if not more, I've been keeping a lot to myself. Nearly isolating myself from everyone and thing, that didn't have to deal with work. The reasons behind my doing so? I can't really discuss, mainly because I'm not to sure what they are myself.

Kinda ironic for me to say though, huh? Yeah, I thought so to, until I actually sat down and tried to think everything through. What I found out in the process of doing so was that nothing I could come up with held any sufficient weight for me striking out alone. Absolutely nothing.

I do realize, though, that due to my choice in path I've pulled away from quite a few people. People that I love, and have probably let down in doing what I've done. For that, and I know the words probably wont be worth a damn, but, I am truly sorry. Hopefully, there's still a few parts of those fallen bridges out there that I can set about trying to rebuild.

Outside of the personal life, you could say that my professional one has been just as strange. As it's probably well known by now, not to long ago I suffered an injury to a spot upon my head, not to far from the eye. The cut, or gash as the trainer so fondly call's it, is apparently deep enough to keep me out of action for a few week's. They say it's gone right down to the bone. As of right now, they're saying that I should be able to go by next week. Here's to hoping that actually does come true. Kicking back on the sidelines of the game is quite literally driving me crazy.

Well, I know this isn't the best of updates, but for now it's going to have to do. Once I'm able to get a few more things worked out within my head, I'll do another one. Something of which will probably come forth within the next few days.

Things just need to change.

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oo1 ;; Far away... far away for far to long [14 Jan 2008|02:09pm]
[ mood | calm ]


Suppose for after letting this thing sit for a few days, that I should actually get about putting something down into it, huh? Grant it, this is going to be a little more personal and in-depth then the blogging that I do on Myspace. It may take some time to get used to. Take this first update, for instance, it'll probably be all over the board.

Now there's an awful lot about my past that I'm more then happy to move on and forward from. The biggest one, begin the whole incident between Adam/Amy and myself. The whole situation had gotten way out of hand, on a lot of aspects. I think though, the biggest one on my end.. started with my transfer from Raw to Smackdown. It seemingly turned out to be the ultimate death of me instead of a release of tension that's built up. Big surprise there, huh? Just one of the few examples of how blind people can be to certain events. Another would happen to be the events that took place after my "Angelic Diablo" photo's were released online.

The pictures of me and the gun a few years ago (and yes, I do still have to address it since there's still people questioning that gun) ... I've already gotten enough heat over, and still in a lot of ways do. [Thank you, Nero.] It, indeed was one of many stupid attempts that I've made during that whole event. I can't explain why I had those pictures taken, or what made me actually want to pose for those pictures. It was just something that happened ... sort of spur of the moment sort of thing. One day, Kirby and Dex came over, we got a little drunk.. and obviously completely out of hand/line. If I'm not mistaken, I believe that was also the same day that the video of me running over Amy's picture was taken.

If it weren't for the actual video tape of it actually happening, I honestly wouldn't believe it had. I really, really don't have that kind.. or much hate within me. That's not who I am, and it's definitely not who my mother and father raised my brother and I to be.

...I can't erase the past though. Even as much as I'd love to.

Thankfully, things have been resolved between Amy, Adam and myself, and if I dare to say might even be back to how they were so many years ago.

But, enough about the past. Things happen, right? Just got to live and learn from it, then move on to the next scene.

I think it was my father who once told me, that the things that take place in your past, is simply different means to prepare you for the future. Lately, I've been finding more and more truth in those words. From my choice in following/admiring the aspects of wrestling to the plan of staying in North Carolina after moving out of my fathers house. Even to the issues that took place between Amy and myself. It all helped lead me to the greatest happiness that I've ever experienced, it lead to me falling in love with my best friend.

A man whom now I really can't see my life without, and honestly don't plan on doing so. In the few short months that we've been together, he's made quite the impact. Both he, and that damned twin brother of his. George, is a whole other topic for a completely different post.

Shannon, I know I've said this a few times already, but thank you. For everything.

Ah, suppose I should be wrapping this up, huh? 'sides, it's due time I head out to spend what little time I've got left of my birthday, and perhaps see what the boyfriends up to. He's been fairly quiet since I first sat down to start this thing.

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